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Next-Wave Worship Articles

Mar 99 A Contemporary Liturgy for Palm Sunday by Maria Hoshaw
May 99 Rocks Cry Out! by Charlie Wear
May 99 The Church Finds Its Pulse by David Hopkins
Apr 00 Musings on Artand the Relationship to Worship in the 21st Century by Cathy Townley
Jan 01 What Experiential Worship Looks Like by Bill Carroll
Jul 01 Deconstructing “Praise and Worship” by Daniel Miller
Sep 01 A Wild Dance by Eric Stanford
Mar 02 Digging for Smooth Stones by Daniel Miller
Feb 03 Word, Work, and Worship—Moving Beyond Sunday-centric Communities by Mike Bishop and T Freeman
Apr 03 What Experiential Worship Looks Like, Part 2 by Bill Carroll

Past Articles of Interest:

My Vision for the Church in the 21st Century by Todd Hunter (Premiere issue, January 1999)

Forming a Christian response to 9/11 without embarrassing God
by Charlie Wear (September 2001)

Front page fallen: The news media informs America on how to grieve
by David Hopkins (September 2001)

Ask Constantine
by David Hopkins (October 2001)

Five Obstacles to the Gospel
by Doug Murren (October 2001)

Church 3.0, the upgrade
by John O’Keefe (November 2001)

Jesus and New Things – The Risk of Evangelism
by Mike McNichols (November 2001)

That’s Not Community!
by Rogier Bos (December 2001)

All this Postmodern Stuff
by Chad Hall (January 2002)

The Lord of the Rings
by Len Hjarmarson (January 2002)

My Theology of T’ai Chi
by Dann Pantoja (January 2002)

Serious Thinking about Rock and Soul
by Steve Beard (February 2002)

Where Jesus would be found in my city
by Paul Hoskin (March 2002)

The Fellowship of More than the Ring
by David Drury (March 2002)

Live Nude God
by Chad Hall (April 2002)

Blogging: Advice for Church Websites
by Jordon Cooper (April 2002)

The Church at Matthew’s House
by Jason Evans (May 2002)

Buffy the Backside Slayer
by Andrew Jones (May 2002)

The Church as Subversive Community
by Mike Bishop (May 2002)

The Church-Internet (dis)connection
by Andrew Careaga (May 2002)

A Church for Dharma and Greg by Rogier Bos (Premiere issue, January 1999)

If you Build it they will come! by Charles Wear (Premiere issue, January 1999), Part 2 by Tom Chapman (April 2001)

The Missing Ingredient by Garrett Rea (February 1999)

Europe and the U.S. – Apples and Oranges? by Brian Newman (March 1999)

Calvary PM by Rogier Bos (April 1999)

They Say It’s Just a Phase by Brian McLaren (April 1999, republished July 2001)

The Matrix and Postmodernism by Maria Hoshaw, Garrett Rea, and Rogier Bos (April 1999, republished July 2001)

Interview with Stanley J. Grenz by Rogier Bos (May 1999)

Sandals Church by Rogier Bos (June 1999)

Everything I Ever Needed To Know About Ministry I Learned From… MTV? by David Hopkins (June 1999)

Welcome to Our House: A Church Profile by Leslie Ramusack (October 1999)

The Deception of the X-treme Church by David Hopkins (October 1999)

The Next Reformation by Len Hjalmarson (October 1999)

Fluid In Motion: A Profile of Waves Church by Sylvia Yu (November 1999)

Remember Minerva: A Christmas Parable by Charlie Wear (December 1999)

Embracing the Cyberchurch by Andrew Careaga (December 1999)

The Paradox of Postmodern Leadership By Dann Pantoja (December 1999)

A Spiritual Exegesis of Y2K and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? by Leonard Sweet (January 2000)

Ministry to Rehumans by Eric Stanford (February 2000)

Talkin’ ‘Bout Their Generation by Andrew Careaga (February 2000)

Why I’ve “Sold Out” by Jordon Cooper (February 2000)

Leslie Ramusack’s “The Real Life”
@ 2318 N. High St. (March 2000), @ 400 S.Orange (August 2000), @ 34th and Spruce (May 2001)

Who Will Bridge the Gap Between the Hutchisons and the Wongs? by Dann Pantoja (March 2000)

Studying culture? Yes, but how sad… by Jordon Cooper (March 2000)

Marked by God photos by Melissa Cassidy, text by David Hopkins (April 2000)

Musings on Art and the Relationship to Worship in the 21st Century By Cathy Townley (April 2000)

Holy Hypertext! by Andrew Careaga (April 2000)

Reflections on Building Community by Len Hjalmarson (April 2000)

Something Cool About the Bible by Eric Stanford (May 2000)

Relationships Key to “Church Within Church” by Jordon Cooper (May 2000)

The Love Bug: Catch It! by Andrew Careaga (June 2000)

The Accountable Marshall Mathers by Dan Revill (July 2000)

A Not-So-Big Church, What If? by Eric Stanford (August 2000)

What Makes Music “Christian”? by Thomas Hohstadt (September 2000)

Redefining Weird: a Journey to Burning Man by Randy Bohlender (October 2000)

Please Don’t Start Another Postmodern Ministry! by Dann Pantoja (November 2000)

Why I am not Rah-Rah Over the Campus Missionary Movement by Brenda Seefeldt (November 2000)

Adventures in Rock Climbing by Scott Williams (November 2000)

The Indispensable Task of Renaming the Postmodern Age by David Drury (December 2000)

What Experiential Worship Looks Like by Bill Carroll (January 2001)

Pastors or Prostitutes? by Mark Riddle (February 2001)

Evangelism Is Too Darn Hard by Jim Henderson (March 2001)

Place of Grace: The Santa Cruz Experiment in “Multicongregationalism”by Eric Stanford (May 2001)

Half Saved or Half Damned? by Javad Shadzi (May 2001)

Dealing with Conflict by Stephen Shields (June 2001)

A Call to a Subversive Life by John Wallis (June 2001)

Deconstructing “Praise and Worship”: The Myth of the Sacred versus the Secular by Daniel Miller (July 2001)

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Kingdom by Karen Ward (July 2001)

Control Alt Delete: Rebooting the Purpose-Driven Church by David Hopkins (August 2001)

Coloring Outside The Box by Len Hjalmarson (August 2001)

Finding Soul in the Groove by Steve Beard (August 2001)

Christian Discipleship in Postmodernity: Toward a Praxis of Spiritual Friendship by Stephen Shields (August 2001)

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