Next-Wave Issue Listing

Issue #78 – June 2005
The State of the Church 2005 and other articles concerning the emerging church, including an interview with Brian McLaren

Issue #79 – July 2005
This month we bring you our interview with Emergent’s new national coordinator, Tony Jones along with a serving of articles and interviews. I would appreciate your feedback about the new ezine format and design. Feel free to utilize the letters to the editor.

Issue #80 – August 2005
Critics of the ‘emerging church movement’ have unleashed a storm of debate. This month’s cover story deals with how to handle criticism.

Issue #81 – September 2005
A new buzzword has been introduced by emerging church leader, Brian McLaren. It is convergence. And so the conversation continues…

Issue #82 – October 2005
Being the church rather than “doing” church is the subject of Mark Van Steenwyk’s excellent cover story, “Incarnational Practices.” As we grapple with “working” out our salvation in the Way of Jesus, we can learn to follow him in the the way we relate to our neighbors and our community…

Issue #83 – November 2005
The organic church may be God’s plan to reach an emerging culture.

Issue #84 – December 2005
What is the Gospel? and other articles about the emerging church, its theology and its practice.

Issue #85 – January 2006
The State of Emergent 2006 and other reports on the emerging church keynote this month’s issue.

Issue #86 – February 2006
Our interview with author Steve Sjogren explores his amazing encounter with God when he nearly died.

Issue #87 – March 2006
What does it mean to be post-charismatic? Rob McAlpine’s cover story explores what charismatic Christians are doing after the “hype” is over.

Issue #88 – April 2006
The Secret Message of Jesus by Brian McLaren

Issue #89 – May 2006
The Word of God and the Da Vinci Code, what is the “truth?”

Issue #90 – June 2006
The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things and expecting a different result. That doesn’t seem to be a great use of time, energy, or resources. — Jordon Cooper

Issue #91 – July 2006
Citizens of another kingdom we will someday celebrate the demise of all earthly kingdoms. Something worth considering on the Fourth of July. The origins of the emerging church and the next “questian” are discussed in this issue.

Issue #92 – August 2006
Interview with the Author and Reviews of Spencer Burke’s Heretic’s Guide to Eternity.

Issue #93 – September 2006
Bill Dahl writes: Maybe there’s more to God than what we presently portend to comprehend. I was at a point in my life where, as one author recounted, “We must learn how to perceive the living God who is building a new world in unexpected places and shapes; indeed, we must learn what it means to enter the new world of God. In short, we must relearn the meaning of being a Christian.” It was time to move on, pursuing the God of More.

Issue #94 – October 2006
Criticism of the emerging/missional church is growing among traditionalists, fundamentalists and many of the reformed. I don’t like to argue, so I thought I might offer a contribution to the discussion…

Issue #95 – November 2006
From Dan Kimball’s Cover Story: My growing theory of most churches is that when churches become so inwardly focused, we can produce the fruit of knowledgeable but usually negative and critical people always pointing out the wrongs in everything. Or when we become so outwardly focused, we can become shallow theologically and produce Christians who barely know the Bible. Or when we become so felt-needs and methodology focused , we can produce consumer Christians who end up depending on which church best meets their needs which produces a bigger and better cycle for the church leaders to deal with. All of these things can produce a people who aren’t seeing themselves as missional Christians being the church throughout the week – but people who have faulty (in my opinion) definitions of church and then they “go to church” for meeting the faulty expectations we have set up for them to define “church” by.

Issue #96 – December 2006
When we disagree, can we agree to leave the boxing gloves at home and exhibit a little common courtesy?

Issue #97 – January 2007
Correspondence from the other side is revealing and intriguing…

Issue #98 – February 2007
Okay, Spencer keeps the fire burning with an update on his controversial book, A Heretic’s Guide to Eternity.

Issue #99 – March 2007
Listening to the Beliefs of the Emerging Church…

Issue #100 – April 2007
I’m currently privileged to edit what Andrew Jones calls “possibly the greatest emerging church online publication ever.

It’s not only a privilege but even a pleasure to have a hand in shaping what has been and continues to be a voice, a reflection, a sounding board and even a challenge to this emerging church conversation we find ourselves in.
— Bob Hyatt

Issue #101 – May 2007
The Emergent Manifesto, and what it means for the emerging church.

Issue #102 – June 2007
This issue’s cover story is an interview with Dick Staub, the author of the Culture Savvy Christian

Issue #103 – July 2007
Don’t give up on the church…

Issue #104 – August 2007
Theology at the Waffle House? You bet, according to Divine Nobodies Author, Jim Palmer…Read the excerpt as this month’s cover story…

Issue #105 – September 2007

Sally Morgenthaler makes the case for going beyond tweaking the worship experience in order to reach our communities.

Issue #106 – October 2007
Author Jim Palmer invites us to the wide open spaces of God. Check out Bill Dahl’s interview with the author of Divine Nobodies and the upcoming, Wide Open Spaces, Beyond Paint By the Number Christianity…

Issue #107 – November 2007
“…Many people are doing their best to live out their faith in sync with the teachings and life of Christ, but it’s not easy to figure out what that means, especially in changing times.” — McLaren

Issue #108 – December 2007
There’s a lot of talk this year about Advent. I might think it’s not so much more than usual, except that I keep finding people who are new to the observance of Advent. One of the primary reasons has to do, I believe, with the growing hunger in the evangelical (and post-evangelical) church to rediscover some of her lost habits and practices.

Issue #109 – January 2008
Next-Wave begins its tenth year of publication and Leonard Sweet, Brian McLaren and Todd Hunter share their insights.

Issue #110 – February 2008
Laying down our lives to follow Jesus.

Issue #111 – March 2008
Doug Pagitt is interviewed by Next-Wave’s Editor, Bob Hyatt. Doug’s most recent book is “A Christianity Worth Believing”

Issue #112 – April 2008
Andrew Jones and David Fitch interact with Brian McLaren and Everything Must Change.

Issue #113 – May 2008
Todd Hunter launches a new ministry…

Issue #114 – June 2008
Church Pirates! says Ed Young, and Bob Hyatt explores what this means…

Issue #115 – July 2008
The Skinny on Missional by Andrew Jones…

Issue #116 – August 2008
Missional, Monastic, Emerging: A Traveler’s Guide by Len Hjalmarson

Issue #117 – September 2008
Emerge-ed? by Brother Maynard

Issue #118 – October 2008
Out in the Middle, by Scott Bane

Issue #119 – November 2008
Church As Family by Frank Viola

Issue #120 – December 2008
A Loving Voice Calls, Awaken by Jim Palmer

Issue #121 – January 2009
Ten Years Out: A Retrospective on the Emerging Church in North America, by Stephen Shields

Issue #122 – February 2009
Mustard Seed Sized Solution, by Jordon Cooper

Issue #123 – March 2009
The Death of Preaching by Bob Hyatt

Issue #124 – April 2009
Missional Renaissance, an Interview with Reggie McNeal by Next-Wave

Issue #125 – May 2009
Where ARE the Women? by Peggy Brown

Issue #126 – June 2009
Review of Shane Hipps’ Flickering Pixels by John La Grou

Issue #127 – July 2009
A Jesus Manifesto for the 21st Century Church, by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola

Issue #128 – August 2009
Why I Love the Church, by Frank Viola

Issue #129 – September 2009
What On Earth Is God Up To? by Tony Dale

Issue #130 – October 2009
Honor, an excerpt from Doug Murren’s new book.

Issue #131 – November 2009
What Should Pastors Think About the Emerging Church? by Charlie Wear

Issue #132 – December 2009
Hallelujah! by Next-Wave

Issue #133 – January 2010
The Decline of the Emerging Church (?) by Bill Dahl

Issue #134 – February 2010

A Recovering Pharisee, by Charlie Wear

Issue #135 – March 2010

Could I Become A Christian? (Ryan’s story), from Jim Palmer

Issue #136 – April 2010

Women of the Kingdom, by Felicity Dale

Issue #137 – June 2010

Rethinking the Challenging Scriptures, by Felicity Dale

Issue #138 – August 2010

Setting Women Free, by Felicity Dale

Issue #139 – September 2010

Jesus Died for This? (a book excerpt) by Becky Garrison

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