How My Faith Gave me the Courage to Change Career

What do you do when you are stuck in a job that is not satisfying? Or when you feel like your current employment is going against all of your beliefs? Or when you feel that your job is not allowing you to do God’s work? As Christians, a good number of us find ourselves in one of these situations at one time or another. And when we find ourselves here, we are faced with one huge decision – quit and follow your faith, or press on with the hope that things will get better (and sometimes they don’t).

I too was faced with a similar decision a few years ago. Working in an office, I had what could be considered a fairly successful career. However, a few things about the job were bothering me. To start with, I had to work for long hours, even during the weekends. Therefore, I found myself with little to no time for my faith. The long hours also made the job stressful, and after a while, I found that I did not relish the going to work every day.

Signs it is time to quit

After a lot of praying and deliberation, I finally decided that the job was not for me. I handed my resignation and put my faith in God to do the rest. And true to his word, He did, as I came across a headhunting company called Stone Executive, which helped me in my next stage of life.

Stone Executive Recruiters put my CV on their database and in no time at all, they got back to me with possible vacancies I could apply for. I am now working as a supermarket director, a job that I love, and also which offers me enough time for my faith.

It worked as one of the vacancies was located in the next town along from me and after a series of interviews I won the position and started 2 months later. Who knows where I would have ended up, if it wasn’t for the strength I found to keep on aiming for a position that suited me better than my previous job.

Are you in the right job?

This is a question that many Christians ask themselves from one time or another. Chances are you have been stuck in a job that is not fulfilling, or one that is not in the plan of God. But how do you know if your current employment is not right for you? Below are some of the top signs that it is time to change career.

1. You are longer passionate about your work

Some Christians view work as a part of a “curse” of living in the earthly (secular) world. Therefore, when they are not finding satisfaction with their jobs, they still perceive this as part of the curse. However, this is not the correct perception. The truth is, your work matters to God, and thus as a Christian, you should be in a career that brings glory to His name.

This means that whatever career you choose; you should always find it fulfilling as you are not just doing for the money. Therefore, when you find that you are no longer passionate about your current job, it is a sign that maybe you should be considering something else.

2. You are not comfortable with your colleagues

Colleagues are part big part of any job. Sometimes, when you land a new job, you get blessed with great colleagues who can help to strengthen your faith. Other times, you might not be that lucky. Of course, being in a job where you do not like your colleagues does not mean that you should automatically quit.

However, there are situations where the personality of the colleagues or even the working environment may be detrimental to your Faith. And considering that you will be spending up to 40 hours (or more) a week with these people, you have to make a choice between your faith or your job.

3. You do not believe in the mission of your current employment

When working in a company, an organization, or a business, you must believe in the values and the mission of your work. And even though you might try to compartmentalize your beliefs with the mission, you will find that it becomes harder and harder with time. If you try to hold to both worlds too much, you might find yourself alienated from your faith, as well as from your work. Therefore, the best thing to do when you do not believe in the values and mission of your current job is to find another one where you are more comfortable.

4. There is no more room for promotion

You have a great career, one that you have spent years rising to the top. However, now you find that you have given everything to that career, and there is nothing left for you to give. On the other hand, there are several great opportunities out there, where the gifts that God has given you can be useful. In this case, it might be time for you to move on to someplace else where you can continue being productive, instead of staying stagnated in your current employment.

5. When you hear God’s call to go somewhere else

Lastly, another sign that it is time to move on from your current job is when you hear God’s call to do so. This is something that happens often, but a good number of Christians choose to (either deliberately or unintentionally) not to hear the call.

If you do hear God’s call to leave your current job, you should heed it. Have faith that God has better things for you in the store and do according to what He asks of you.

What to do when you see these signs

So, one or many of these signs have appeared before you and you believe in your heart that leaving your current job is the right thing to do. Where do you now go from here? As a Christian, there are a number of things you can do.

Pray to God

Praying for help in making the right desicion

The first step to changing a career as a Christian is to pray to God. While you might feel in your heart that leaving your job is the right thing to do, it might not be what God has in store for you. Therefore, before you hand in your resignation, pray for God’s guidance in making the right choice.

Take action

While it is good to have faith in God in deciding your next course of action, that faith should be accompanied by action. Once you have left your job (or decided to leave) you should not sit by idly expecting God to land a job in your laps. Instead, you should put in the effort, while still praying to God so that he can help you find something better.

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