For Whom is Birth Control and Condom Use a Sin?

Condom Use - Sin

Before the 1930s, eminent figures like Martin Luther and John Calvin admitted openly that using contraceptives was a sin as it went against the natural law of human procreation and the will of God.

During this time, Eastern Orthodox beliefs, Protestantism, and Catholicism were strongly against the use of any ‘pharmakeia’ that would obstruct the natural process of birth. ‘Pharmakeia’ was a term used specifically by Saint Paul and it implied any pharmacy related contraceptives that were used to prevent conception from taking place.

Such artificial contraceptive measures have been always deemed controversial as they provide sexual freedom to men and women. Sex was initially viewed as a method of having children only and was not meant to be enjoyed. The use of contraceptives was feared greatly because it allowed people to have sex more often, and this was a sin in the eyes of the Church.

What are the popular contraceptives available to today?

Such contraceptives today are widely popular today in the form of birth control pills and condoms, which are more than adequately effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies. Such measures are an extremely popular part of our sexual lifestyle and are necessary to enjoy safe and pleasurable physical affections which otherwise would not be possible.

Nowadays, condoms are available in different colours and flavours and are produced with different textures (ribbed, dotted etc) so as to enhance the sexual experience for both men and women. Online sites like Condomania are quite popular, as they sell really interesting contraceptive products that many find highly reliable. Condomania even lists their most popular products based on customer reviews on their official page so that people who are sexually active can learn from others, what types are most popular.

Sex today is not only safe from pregnancy concerns but also risks of sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms can literally be a major health benefit as they keep sexually active people free from risks of diseases and also prevent abortion-related trauma. Contraceptives over the years have been so successful, that people of Easter Orthodox and Protestant faith have changed their views for the better.

They are highly accepting towards such safety measures that are vital in order to live better lives while maintaining a healthier expression of sex. However, a lot of Catholic Christians are still opposed to the use of contraceptives that may come in any form or shape.

Why is the Catholic Church against the use of Contraceptive Measures?

Birth Control - Sin

So why do many Catholics and the Church do not agree using contraceptives during sex? Abortion and termination of pregnancies are still controversial because many believe that life begins at the stage of conception itself and therefore aborting it is equivalent to murder.

But preventing such conception of ‘life’ should still be an acceptable measure because it is not possible to kill something that never had life to begin with. There are several reasons why using condoms and Christians do not go well together:

  1. Church Fathers, who were prominent figures, were vehemently against the use of contraceptives. John Chrysostom said that those who wanted to be childless “have mutilated nature, not only killing the newborn, but even acting to prevent their beginning to live”. Saint Augustine even went far to conclude that women who used contraceptives were harlots because they were having sex just to satisfy their husbands’ lust without taking the responsibility to procreate.
  2. Many view the use of contraceptives as the reason why other unacceptable sexual acts like abortion, pornography and even homosexuality are on the rise. Quite a few conservative people of this religion have even opposed the rise of feminism because the use of contraceptives allow women to enjoy sex without bearing children.
  3. Christianity and birth control measures have always been a difficult mix, as the Bible states that babies are a blessing, not a curse. Humans should enjoy the act of giving birth as it is the celebration of God’s will to create life. Taking measures to prevent conception is an act that spurns God’s most precious gift to mankind.
  4. The Church has explained its stance against contraceptives by claiming that such artificial measures to prevent conception can encourage martial infidelity. Men and women marry to procreate and this is a holy union that cannot be sullied by the use of contraceptive measures.

The overarching belief is that God intended humans to have children, and no man or woman should go against God’s will. However, in recent times the challenges of living within a rigid economy has brought such debates to the fore with an urgency that was never seen before. Lack of use of contraceptives can result in high pregnancy rate, which many families today are finding quite challenging to deal with.

More and more people are interested in having a nuclear family structure, where most couples are ready to raise only one child. Teenage pregnancy risks are also a big concern, as rigid moral restrictions created by religious limitations force parents to not educate their children adequately about sex and other related issues.

As a result, many people are taking the initiative on their own to spread sexual awareness so that individuals can make best, informed decisions for themselves. A lot of contraceptive brands like Condomania are taking more and more steps to educate people about enjoying sexual activities with responsibilities and healthy protective measures.

Today, many Catholics are declaring such rigid views of the Church regarding the use of condoms and birth control measures as wrong and unreasonable. People who enjoy high positions of authority in the Church are more interested in preserving the old beliefs which can be challenging to follow in our current times.

Why Condoms and other Contraceptive Measures have been so successfully popular?

Condom manufacturers and sellers are more than ready to share the science behind different contraceptive measures so that consumers know everything about the product that they are using.

Knowledge is empowering, and more and more people irrespective of their religious faiths are getting motivated to enjoy sex without depreciating its value. They are even viewing sex as a reciprocal act that both partners need to enjoy, and more contraceptive manufacturers are coming up with fun ways to ensure that everyone has access to safe and enjoyable sex.

Such products are easily available on Condomania on their site, so that people can buy them easily and confidentially without feeling judged.

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