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Eckhart 11
And if we dwell
If we dwell in love then all will remain
And the fruit be good

It is for this and nothing less
That we are called and chosen
It is for this and nothing less
That the word was spoken

The fruit shall remain upon the tree
And not fall withered to the ground

As we have been loved so must we love-
This is the true essence

All comes from love as love not as fear and prohibition
Do I distrust the water’s surge?
Do I shy from the claims of the wave?

If so I fear the darkness more than the auroral dark of song

Water and stone and the engendering word-
These are the dance and the dance is love
All things beginning there
All things ending there

And here in the heat of summer and interlude
I turn this bread upon the plate and ask and give a blessing-
May all things be drenched in light
Let even the darkness ring

The stone for the stone and the wave for the wave
The song for the song and the dance for the dance-
What else and for what else should I love?

Even the stone dreams its own perfection
The wave loves the shore on which it scatters
And nothing is more pleasing than the cartography of a leaf

Creation sings and sings
All things show delight and joy
And if not at this then for what should I dance
When this, and every thing beyond, is an inheritance?

I sing and I sing
In summer and autumn longing for Easter
In the soul’s resignation-
What can I give to the stone?
What can I give to the wave?
What song offer to the Logos that it has not given me?

I give what I have been given-
The paltry self can do no more than this and take no delight
That does not allow this to happen

Yes, at summer and solstice
Interlude and heat wave
The heat-haze rising from the fields and drawing near
As into that horizon all things pass

I can sing no more befitting song
I can utter no more befitting word
My silence and my language proclaim
The poverty promised the yearning hand

For nothing
For comfort without desire
And confirmation without hope
For all things in themselves as spoken by the words
“Leave all you have and follow me”

Like the interplay of the threads of a rope
The interplay of ‘I am a man’ and ‘I am’ intertwine
Our common humanity

Change and the same
The generations follow the generations
Nature conspiring to repeat itself
Man and woman coupling
The generations follow until they know
That in created things there is no truth

And yet the soul is privy to itself and all things
Close to the over-soul
Unnamed more than named
Known through its unknowness

It moves beyond the colour to the rose
It moves beyond the smell to the rose
It outwits the cunning traps the mind lays for it
It outwits the schemes of every scheming mind

Plato knew this-
The light not of this world, nor in nor out of the world
Not in time nor even in eternity
But in fullness and self-expression
Eternally giving birth
Bring forth the word from the word
Always itself and never less than that
Always the same in its sameness

‘I am’ and ‘I am a man’-
What do these mean
But that we abide in separateness and unity

There where the Logos always is
Where it is always one and always itself

Where all hoops are knit
Where all words are one
Where all the threads are woven without end

-Martin Burke




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