A Sign from God – How Savvy Printing Helps Churches

A church print mediaPrinting plays a very important role in business, from offering a great advertising tool to helping communicate important information.

However, according to the guys at SAS Graphics (https://www.sasgraphics.co.uk/), branded printing is not limited to just businesses; several other organizations make use of the resource in their operations. One such organisation that can benefit greatly from savvy printing is a church.

Since printing technology was introduced, churches have found several uses for printing http://www.reformation21.org/articles/the-importance-of-the-printing.php, from producing Bibles to booklets, and other church documents. Today, printing it is an integral part of the church operations, used in various ways from the production of programs, church books, and even large format printing used in advertisements.

How is Printing Used in Churches?

There are several uses of printing in churches. Below is a look at some of them:

1. External signage

Churches, just like businesses, need to draw attention to their location to attract new members. Most churches, thus make use of external signage (https://www.sasgraphics.co.uk/display-graphics-printing/signage/), which serves as an important marketing strategy. The signs help to attract the attention of community members, direct them towards the church, and offer any other important information such as service times.

2. Flyers and cards

A church card
Flyers and cards are popular communication tool used by churches. Due to their small size, they are easy to print, affordable, and offer a straightforward means of delivering the desired message. Most churches use flyers and cards to announce upcoming church events, offer an invitation to special events (for example, fundraising invite cards), share bible teachings, or even inform people of the mission, vision, history, and other information about the church.

3. Brochures

Brochures are another print material that is used by churches in their operations. They are small in size, but unlike cards, they are made of several sheets of paper, joined together. Most churches use brochures as part of their welcome packets to guests to provide them with various details (history, philosophy, leaders, program, etc.) of the organization.

4. Newsletters

Newsletters are another popular printing material used by churches. They are used to keep the church members, as well as the community informed about what is happening. As such, they usually contain messages from the church leaders, announcements for upcoming events and activities, and other interesting news about the church, congregation, and even the community.

5. Booklets

Booklets are small documents made of several sheets paper stitched together. Church booklets (https://www.ucg.org/bible-study-tools/booklets) are popularly used in educational and community outreach projects. They contain a variety of information such as prayers, scriptures, and verses, inspirational stores, guides (for church followers), teachings, etc.

6. Calendars

Calendars are another common print media used by church organizations. Church calendars will usually contain information about the church, scriptures, teachings, inspiration messages, and so on. They are also usually accompanied by pictures, which range from church, clergy and congregation pictures, to Christian-themed pictures – thus making the calendars more visually appealing. With savvy printing, a calendar can be a great marketing tool for spreading awareness of a church organization.

7. Posters

A church poster advertising a special event
Large format print posters are another technique used by churches to market themselves. These are usually used to advertise special events, for example, conferences, anniversaries, fundraising events, etc. Like with large format prints used by businesses, the posters are usually large (to be conspicuous) and colourful (to draw the attention of community members).

8. Door hangers

Door hangers are used by churches in their outreach programs to spread awareness about the organization, its mission, doctrine, and other important information to the community. These are usually hanged on the doorknobs of the community members during neighbourhood canvassing outings.

9. Letterheads and other church stationery

Most churches also use printing services to create custom stationery that is used for official church functions, for example, letterheads. The stationery will usually feature an organization’s name and logo, making it an important tool for branding.

Tips for Getting Great Results When Printing Church Materials

Regardless of the type of media printed, church printing has the important role of conveying a message to a specific audience(s). The effectiveness of how the message is conveyed will largely depend on the printing process, which is why it is important to carry it out with care. Below is a look at how to achieve savvy printing results when producing church documents.

1. Identify the church brand

Churches, like businesses and other organizations, need to identify their brand, which will, in turn, help them understand the best message to convey. Coming up with the brand image involves identifying what makes the church stand out from others – for example, its history, its philosophy, accepted doctrine, teachings, and so on.

2. Understand the audience

For the message you are printing to be effective, you must identify the audience who will receive it. For example, some of the audiences you might want to target include the church congregation, church guests and new members, the community, etc. In addition to identifying the audience, you should also try to understand them, so as to anticipate their needs. For example, you can collect demographic information about your audience, their habits and behaviours, and so on. This information will give you an insight into which is the best message for them.

3. Create a content strategy

Now that you have identified your church brand and the audience you want to communicate to, the next part is coming up with a content strategy. This involves choosing the content that will convey the message you want to deliver. At the same time, the content needs to be interesting and engaging so as to create the desired reaction.

4. Choose appropriate printing media and materials

The next part of the printing process is choosing the printing media and the materials to be used. The choice in both cases will largely depend on the message, audience, and the reason for the message. For example, if you are looking to educate the congregation, a booklet will be the ideal media. On the other hand, brochures will work perfectly when looking to spread awareness about the church to guests and the community.

5. Select a printing company

The final step in achieving savvy printing results when printing church media is choosing a good printing company. A good company will help you select the best printing paper/material, design visually pleasing graphics, create a great layout, and print the media in a way that will make it attractive and easy to read for the audience. The choice of the printing company is thus a great factor to consider during the printing process.

If you are part of a church or any other religious organization, printing can offer you an effective tool for communicating with the congregation and the community. Thanks to advancement in printing technologies, you can easily produce a variety of media, from newsletters, cards, stationery, calendars, and other media. However, for the best results, you need a good company, which will deliver savvy printing results.

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