Down We Go by Kathy Escobar: A Review By John Martinez

Down We Go

Down We Go by Kathy Escobar

Title: Down We Go: Living Into the

Wild Ways of Jesus

Publisher: Civitas Press

ISBN: 978-0615467900

Down We Go: Living Into The Wild Ways of Jesus by Kathy Escobar: Civitas Press – 276 Pages – $15.99 – Soft Cover -$9.99 – Kindle

I have read so many books lately in regards to following Jesus, planting churches and the theology around those ideas and so when I read Kathy’s book, I was expecting a few good insights and maybe some nice sound bytes for quoting.

Today I set out to write a review of her book and give you an idea of what the book is about and who the target audience is, but something a little unexpected has happened.  In reading the book looking for flaws, I realized that there is something very special about this book – something more than an educational gap being bridged by oodles of good insight and information.

The book is not preachy, nor is it encouraging or any of those things you might expect from a book of this kind.  It is inspiring to say the least, but so much more than that.  For me the one word that describes this book is transformational.

This book changed me.  It was as if by reading it, it somehow opened up a door in my heart for the love of God to come in and move me forward.  The difference?  Well before I read Kathy’s book I was more concerned with schedules, agendas, programs, tasks, objectives and processes.  Needless to say with all that in my head I would run from task to task accomplishing things and knocking things out.  What was I missing?  The people.

After reading Kathy’s book I did not notice it at first, but days later I found myself compelled to listen to people, really just take the time to listen.  I now have this desire – more like passion – to listen to people and have conversations with folks that I normally would run by in an effort to do more stuff.  I found that not only am I able to get things done, but I also have time for the people around me, those that are not so close, and those that are inaccessible.

I realize that each and every moment I spend with someone else is an opportunity to encounter God in and with that person.  I realized that this desire is not based on some inward inclination to want to save people or meet some Kingdom quota, but on the passion for being where God is and doing the things of Jesus and meeting new friends.  I am indeed a new person, being born again and again by the God-inspired words of my friend Kathy.

I am so excited about this book, I am recommending it to everyone I know that follows Jesus, including every member of my faith community.  So pick it up and read it and share it with others.

Thank you Kathy for having the courage, the persistence and the passion to put it all down on paper for the rest of us!  Thank you God as well for sharing what life is like in the Kingdom of God through your daughter and our friend.

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