No One Turns Down the Blessing by Charlie Wear

No One Turns Down the Blessing

Last Sunday I got to feed Jesus. A bunch of my co-workers were having a party at my friend’s warehouse. We were BBQing Tri-Tip. We were eating chips and salsa. We were making sandwiches, beans and we had a little cole slaw. Someone got some cookies. We were getting ready to feed Jesus and we were having a lot of fun together.

One of the couples are the assistant managers at a senior low-income mobile home park. They told us that Jesus lived there. We thought, let’s take some tri-tip sandwiches and cookies and go there and feed Jesus. There wasn’t an elaborate plan and we didn’t have a big team. Just four of us. I hadn’t ever done this in quite this way but I was pretty excited.

As we got to the park our assistant manager guides went to their home. They have been warned that they could get in trouble if they feed Jesus. They did have this advice. Start with space 155, they need what you have.

And so we were walking down the street almost to its end. I was asking the Holy Spirit, “How do we do this?” The reply: Go to the first door and knock. From years of sales training I had learned that when you are a stranger knocking on the front door, it is important to step way back after you knock. Don’t knock in a timid way. Give the door a good rap! And so I did. “Hello,” I said, “Anybody home?” No answer. And so I knocked again. My team waited patiently near the front of the mobile home, and then there he was: Jesus in the form of Yvonne.

“Hi, Yvonne, my name is Charlie and the Boss sent me with a gift for you.” She had a smile on her face and looked at me quizzically. “The boss?” she replied. The Team answered for me, “God sent us.” “I have the best tri-tip sandwich in the Central Coast, prepared by the famous chef, Roberto Ostini, how many sandwiches would you like?” “We have four people here.” Okay, here you go, and here are some cookies.

So far, this was going pretty well, I thought. And then a flash of inspiration: “May I bless you?” I took her hand and prayed: “In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, I bless you. May the peace of God be on this house in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” A big smile was on Yvonne’s face and so we moved to the next house.

House after house person after person we gave away BBQ sandwiches and cookies and the blessings. We were invited into a home to pray for a woman who had surgery on her back a couple of days before. I prayed for her healing. Tears filled her eyes. She said thank you. Blessing upon blessing was given. Smile after smile as we fed Jesus.

It came to me then. If we only had a minister we could come back next week and invite people to join us for a sandwich. We could read from the Boss’ manual, maybe our co-worker Paul’s first letter to Corinth, chapter 13. The one about love. We could share some bread and remember what Jesus did for us in his life and on the cross.

When we left, we left the blessing. We had spread the love of Christ with Tri-Tip. I was happy.

Charlie Wear is the publisher of Next-Wave. He and his wife Loretta and son Benjamin live in Moreno Valley, CA. He recently published his first work on Amazon Kindle, simple church planting: No One Turns Down the Blessing.

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